The OT Circle – Occupational Therapy Clinical Supervision

Navigating the NDIS, particularly within a therapy setting, can be both rewarding and challenging for many occupational therapists.  

The availability of affordable professional clinical supervision has been limited to date.  However, with the increasing demand for services, the need for quality and expert occupational therapy intervention has never been more necessary.

Clinical Supervision by principle OT – Sarah Collison

Sarah Collison Verve’s principle OT provides professional supervision and mentoring to support occupational therapists working in the disability space. 

In addition to the clinical services, Sarah assists and mentors both new and experienced OT’s facilitate their learning and build skills and capacity to manage a wide range client caseloads.  Professional OT supervision can be provided individually or in small group sessions.

Sarah has developed a peer network of like-minded occupational therapists working in the NDIS space.  Within this network are a number of experienced OT’s providing essential clinical supervision and training on a wide range of clinical topics including AT and Home Modifications, Complex Seating, Psycho-social Disability, SIL and SDA Assessments.  

Group supervision sessions will match individuals with others seeking to increase their skills and knowledge, whilst reducing the costs associated with 1:1 supervision.  

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