OT for Personal Injury

We’re here to help you navigate your recovery and return to daily activity.

As an experienced provider of occupational therapy assessments and intervention services, Verve OT are your industry experts in discovering your personal injury needs.

What is OT for personal injury?

In NSW there are various funding schemes to assist with recovery following personal injury in the workplace, in a motor vehicle or in the local community. OT is all about improving the quality of life for people with personal injury by using a combination of therapy, the latest technology and home modifications to make your journey easier.
We’ll help you manage your injury on your terms – working with you to find out what you need help with.

OT services are focussed on increasing your capacity and engagement in daily activity, enabling you to live your best life. Our Occupational Therapists will assist with a range of therapy options suitable for physical and psychological injuries.

What does a personal injury Occupational Therapist do?

Your friendly Occupational Therapist will complete a functional assessment for you, determining how your disability affects your day-to-day life and what Assistive Technology Services or Home Modifications can be applied to enhance your lifestyle. Alternatively your Occupational Therapist may identify interventions and therapy to increase your engagement and independence in daily activities.
Our therapists will come to you and provide an Occupational Therapy assessment in your home, work or community environment. We are flexible to work around your needs and we’re here to answer all your questions, giving you advice on all the support available to you.