Disability Home Modification Services

Change The Space, Change The Life

By making modifications to the home, we create game-changing solutions for our clients. Whether it’s minor modifications or extensive renovations, the results can be impactful.  

“After our disability home modification service, our clients report increased confidence, satisfaction and more enjoyment out of everyday life. Doesn’t everyone deserve that?” 

Sarah Collison, Occupational Therapist and Founder of Verve OT 

Boost Independence, Mobility And Daily Happiness

We specialise in home modification for people living with a variety of disabilities.

With our team of expert occupational therapists, you get an understanding, caring person on your team.

Working together with the client to empower them during the process is an essential part of our work.

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    How Does The Disability Home Modification Service Work? 

    Our occupational therapist will visit the client’s living space to: 

    • Learn about the client’s lifestyle  
    • Gain an understanding of the medical conditions that impact daily life
    • Identify the challenges within the space
    • Agree goals for improved ways of living
    • Identify weaknesses and potential for improvements
    • Recommend both minor and major modifications, and outlining what benefits clients can expect
    • On approval, supervising installation of modifications, using our network of trusted, reliable third party resources such as builders, hard landscapers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers 

    What Kind Of Disability Home Modifications Could Be Installed?

    Often, there are a number of simple changes that will make a world of difference. These may include: 

    • Changing tapware in bathrooms and kitchens
    • Installing grab rails in bathrooms and toilets
    • Installing handrails on stairs and paths
    • Widening doorways
    • Removing steps
    • Installing bidets

    More intensive renovations can include: 

    • Modifying bathrooms or kitchens, including changing bench heights and creating more wheelchair space
    • Installing ramps to replace stairs for improved access
    • Introducing voice-empowered home automation technology
    • Eliminating mobility inhibitors such as steps, narrow corners or sharp corners
    • Modifying gardens to ensure greater access for wheelchairs
    • Improving shelving and storage for better usability
    • Installing stair climbers and lifts

    What Does Disability Home Modification Cost? Is There Funding We Can Access?

    Costs can be prohibitive.

    So, we connect with government agencies and charitable groups that support people living with disabilities.

    Our friendly team can talk you through the process.

    What Areas Do You Service?

    We look after clients in Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District and the surrounding metropolitan suburbs.

    Contact us to enquire about your location.

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