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Simple Changes Can Deliver Maximum Lifestyle Benefits


Your home is your castle.

But what if it no longer supports your day-to-day living?

Is someone you love is struggling with daily tasks or mobility at home?

The first step is an occupational therapy home assessment.

Modify The Home To Enjoy Life Independently

Our expert Occupational Therapist will visit the home to learn about the challenges of the space.

We suggest numerous practical modifications to improve daily life. 

“Our clients can regain independence and enjoy life with confidence because their home set up supports their daily needs.”

Sarah Collison, occupational therapist and founder of Verve OT 

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    Who Should Get An Occupational Therapy Home Assessment?

    Assessments are conducted by our expert occupational therapists.

    Anyone who is finding the space they live in doesn’t suit their needs.

    This includes:

    • people living with or recovering from medical conditions
    • people living with disabilities
    • parents of children with special needs or physical conditions
    • people living with physical impairment
    • the elderly, who want to retain independence and stay in their home

    What Does The Assessment Include?

    Our expert occupational therapists visit you in your home and learn about your current lifestyle challenges.

    We make recommendations to modify the home to improve safety, functionality and liveability.

    Our assessment includes: 

    • understanding any issues that consistently arise within the home
    • learning about the client’s daily routine, including cooking, showering, toileting, chores and hobbies
    • identifying potential safety hazards
    • suggesting changes to layout to improve mobility (eg removal of furniture or decluttering)
    • recommending suitable mobility aids such as handrails
    • reviewing use of furniture and suggesting alternatives that may boost mobility
    • suggesting major home modifications such as ramps, widening doorways, remodelling the bathroom or kitchen or installing lifts

    Who Conducts The Assessment?

    One of our friendly, qualified and experienced occupational therapists will conduct the assessment. 

    How Long Does An Assessment Take?

    Duration can vary, but we allow between 1.5-2 hours for a comprehensive assessment, discussion and recommendations. 

    What Does An Occupational Therapy Home Assessment Cost?

    The cost of an assessment can vary depending on the complexity of the client’s needs.  Please contact us for a quotation.

    What Areas Do You Visit?

     Our team of OTs service Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District and surrounding metropolitan suburbs.

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