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Bidet Prescription 101

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1.5 hours

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Use of the toilet is a critical skill for independent living. The process of toileting is complex, consisting of mobilising to a toilet, undressing, positioning on the toilet, voiding bladder or bowels, cleansing the perineum area, applying / removing sanitary or incontinence products (if applicable), transferring off the toilet, redressing, flushing the toilet and washing hands. Toileting is usually mastered in early childhood and control over this private activity remains integral to a person’s dignity throughout life. In Western society, wiping with toilet paper is the usual method of cleansing, however this task requires the person to possess a certain skill set which is often compromised with age or disability. Inability to adequately manage the mechanics of toileting is a frequent precursor to entry into residential care systems is often emotionally and physically demanding for those that provide care and is reported to be undignified and distressing for those who require assistance.

This presentation will aim to de-mystify this piece of toileting AT by unpacking the who, what, when, where, how and why’s, leaving you feeling much more confident to go forth in prescribing bidets for your clients.

About the Presenter : This webinar will be presented by Alana Bulgarelli. Alana is a sole trader OT in regional QLD with over 14 years community experience working with adults with physical disabilities and strong understanding of the NDIS R&N criteria and how it applies to AT and home mods.

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