SDA Assessments and SIL Assessments

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SDA Assessments for people with complex living needs

Often, people living with severe disabilities need a highly modified physical space to assist with day-to-day independent living. Our SDA Assessments thoroughly document all aspects of the client’s specific and unique requirements. SDA is available through the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). A comprehensive report can help clarify the requirements and strengthen the application process.

Detailed, comprehensive SDA reports

Our assessment covers all aspects of the client’s requirements, including accommodation in physical spaces. Independent living is always the goal. This means we’ll consider the potential for modifying the current place of residence versus the potential for moving into a custom built solution. 

We assess the physical requirements of a person’s home. We’re looking to to facilitate their engagement in daily tasks, such as cooking, self care, hygiene, mobility and access to community. We will consider the need for products to assist complex needs, such as ramps, hoists on beds and couches or lifts. As more and more technology solutions become available to people living with disabilities, we’ll recommend potential products such as voice command technology that may assist with daily function. 

Our comprehensive reports are written in plain English, so you don’t have to be an expert in NDIS legislation to understand it. Because it covers all aspects of SDA requirements, it provides a useful framework for moving forward with SDA applications.

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SDA and SIL often go together, but are not the same

With our goal of improving mobility, independence and confidence, we can assist with:

  • improving safety by identifying and eliminating potential hazards
  • modifying the home to improve liveability
  • recommending assisting technology solutions, such as voice-command technology and home automation
  • assessing driving and other forms of getting around such as public transport
  • recommending equipment to enhance mobility
  • assisting in recovery from injury or illness
  • planning for the future, including retirement, mobility changes or increased severity of illness symptoms
  • recommending changes to daily routines to improve lifestyle
  • connecting clients with support services via government and charities

A variety of medical and physical conditions

Our occupational therapy aged care experts are experienced in working with clients with conditions such as:

  • dementia and Alzheimers
  • cognitive issues
  • physical limitations
  • disabilities
  • recovery from injury
  • vision or hearing loss



SDA and SIL often go together, but are not the same


Specialist disability accommodation requires a high level of property modification, due to complex needs about the property a client lives in


Supported independent living. The supports a person requires to live independently within their home about the support a client receives

SIL assessments for better independence

Our reports document the level of assisted living a person may require. We answer questions such as:

 can they get in and out of bed?

  • can they maintain personal hygiene?
  • what level of supervision is required for their daily living?
  • are there any challenging behaviours that require support?
  • are there any potential declines in function due to a physical condition?
  • are they lacking in skills that can be improved with ongoing support?
  • would physical exercise, such as muscle strengthening, improve their daily function?
  • could a shared living arrangement be suitable for improved independence and economies of scale in terms of support?
  • can they make financial decisions and manage their money?

Who we support

Many people are eligible for SIL assessments including:

 people with psycho-social disability

  • people with physical disability
  • people seeking to improve their independence
  • people currently unsatisfied with their current living arrangements
  • people with lower, standard or higher needs of support

Extensive SIL assessment reports

We provide detailed reports as a framework for moving forward with a SIL application.

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