OT Home Modifications

Change The Space, Change The Life

Modifications to the home, whether minor or complex, can create game-changing solutions for our clients and greatly impact overall quality of life.

“More enjoyment out of everyday life”

“After our complex home modification service, our clients report increased independence, engagement and more enjoyment out of everyday life. Doesn’t everyone deserve that?”

External Lift

This external lift project in Northbridge was expertly brought together in collaboration with the team at Hemisphere Lifts.  Offering access between two internal levels of the home and the rear external level, our young client now has the opportunity to engage in play and social activities with friends and family in their own backyard.  Our client was overjoyed to be issued with their very own lift licence and can now independently access all of the levels of the home.

Ceiling hoist and shower trolley

This project in Eastwood required conversion of an existing laundry space and separate WC into a large accessible bathroom.  There needed to be adequate space for a shower trolley with clever ceiling hoist design to facilitate transfers between the bedroom and bathroom.  The outcome was a large modern space that could accommodate the high care needs of the client.  Our client was pleased to eliminate the manual handling risk and ensure full safety and access to the new bathroom space.

Classic bathroom

This project in Frenchs Forest required conversion of a small en-suite bathroom into a large accessible space to accommodate commode access. The level access shower allows for full unrestricted movement of the commode, whilst the client opten for folding glass doors to provide additional flexibility to the space. The outcome was a large classic styled bathroom to accommodate the need for wheeled mobility access for the client.

Contemporary bathroom

This project in Northbridge required modification of the existing bathroom to remove a small shower recess and create a larger accessible bathroom space. Incorporating a level access shower recess into the time, it was styled with contemporary black grab rails and fittings. The contemporary basin provides a stylish feature to the space whilst achieving the desired functional outcome – full access for grooming tasks.

Easy step platform

This project in Naremburn required a clever solution to enable access between two levels of the home. There was limited space to accommodate both a lift and a set of stairs. The Easy Step platform lift enabled the client to have both, thus enabling full access for all other residents of the home. The lift works by the steps collapsing to create a level platform to accommodate wheeled mobility aids. Our client was ecstatic to be able to join the family again to watch Friday night footy!

Internal lift

This project in Forestville required a lift solution to enable access between three levels of the home. Through consultation with lift suppliers, architect and engineer, a lift solution external to the home enabled full access with minimal disruption to the floor plan. The lift entry doors blended effortlessly with the existing areas of the home. Our client was pleased to be able to reduce her reliance on family and safely manage movement between all levels of the home.

Modern bathroom

This project in Normanhurst required a conversion of bedroom and existing bathroom space to create a larger accessible bathroom. This space is proof that an accessible bathroom can be just as beautiful! This clever design enables full access with a shower commode whilst providing stylish features for all the family. Our client (a young child) was particularly pleased with the toilet grab rails enabling him to independently access the toilet for the first time!

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