How We Can Assist

ADL and Functional Needs Assessments

Comprehensive in-home assessment to assist in identifying needs and support requirements with respect to Activities of Daily Living and Functional Capacity. Assists with pre-planning, plan review and plan implementation by providing clinically sound recommendations for reasonable and necessary supports, services, equipment and / or modifications required to achieve goals for independence.

AT Assessment and Equipment Prescription

Assessment, trial and prescription of equipment needs ranging from low cost / low risk solutions to complex wheelchair and seating. AT or daily adaptive equipment can aid people to improve their independence, increase functional capacity and ensure safety with the performance of daily living tasks.

Minor and Major Home Modifications

Consultation and opinion regarding the need for minor home modifications such as grab rails, threshold ramps and hand held showers. Joint builder visits available to consult on more complex home modifications such as kitchen, bathroom or external access solutions. Preparation of comprehensive reporting, floor plans and drawings available.

SIL and SDA Assessments

Comprehensive OT functional assessments to assist in the application for SIL and SDA funding. Including comprehensive reporting regarding support ratios, required level of care, use of standardised assessment measures and evidence relating to SIL and SDA eligibility criteria.

Daily Living Skills Training

Occupational Therapy intervention to assist in the development of daily living skills such as meal preparation, budgeting and money handling, developing and implementing daily routines, accessing and using transport and developing skills for volunteer or paid work.

Maintain Independence

Empowering our clients to maintain independence and mobility. Working with people living in aged care facilities as well as within their own homes, our team of experienced occupational therapists work with elderly clients to understand their strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle goals

Aged Care Assessments

We believe that senior citizens have earned their right to live as joyously and independently as possible.  We’re here to assess what you need to live as comfortably as possible.  That may be equipment, home modifications or someone to help with tasks.
Contact us to book an aged care assessment.

Driver Assessments

If you have a medical or physical condition, you may be wondering if it’s safe (or legal) for you to drive. Our occupational therapy driver assessments will review the client’s driving capacity, to determine how they can drive safely and enjoy the independence that comes with driving.