Occupational therapy for elderly clients

Maintaining independence, safety and confidence

Our mission is to improve the day-to-day enjoyment of life for our elderly clients. We believe in empowering our clients to maintain independence and mobility. This leads to more confidence, more engagement with community and better mental health.

Occupational therapy for the elderly means we work with people living in aged care facilities as well as within their own homes. Our team of experienced occupational therapists are experienced with working with elderly clients. Each client is a unique individual, so we take time to understand their strengths, weaknesses and lifestyle goals

Occupational therapy services

We offer a variety of assessment services for elderly clients, including:


  • home assessments
  • driver reviews
  • ADL (assessment of daily living assessments)
  • equipment review and recommendations
  • home modifications – both minor and major
  • daily skills living training

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    How we can help

    With our goal of improving mobility, independence and confidence, we can assist with:


    • improving safety by identifying and eliminating potential hazards
    • modifying the home to improve liveability
    • recommending assisting technology solutions, such as voice-command technology and home automation
    • assessing driving and other forms of getting around such as public transport
    • recommending equipment to enhance mobility
    • assisting in recovery from injury or illness
    • planning for the future, including retirement, mobility changes or increased severity of illness symptoms
    • recommending changes to daily routines to improve lifestyle
    • connecting clients with support services via government and charities

    A variety of medical and physical conditions

    Our occupational therapy aged care experts are experienced in working with clients with conditions such as:

    • dementia and Alzheimers
    • cognitive issues
    • physical limitations
    • disabilities
    • recovery from injury
    • vision or hearing loss



    We deliver on our promises and keep clients informed throughout assessments.


    Highly qualified occupational therapists working with a variety of clients.

    Every elderly client is different. Chat to us about how we can help.

    Not sure what kind of service is right for your elderly friend, neighbour or relative? Give our team a call for a free, no-obligation phone consultation with one of our experienced and friendly occupational therapists. We can offer advice on:


    • navigating increasing frailty
    • dealing with illness or injury
    • managing onset of dementia symptoms
    • dealing with moving to a more suitable living arrangement
    • modifying the home or living space for better mobility
    • working with support agencies, charity and government
    • services for people living with a disability

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    If you or someone you care about is struggling with everyday living and mobility, it can be difficult to know what services are most suitable. Contact our team of experienced occupational therapists for a free fifteen minute phone consultation to learn more about practical ways we can help.

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