OT Driver Assessments

OT Driver Assessments

Our OT Driver Assessments will evidence a person’s driving capacity, to determine their ability to drive safely and enjoy the independence that comes with driving. If you have a medical or physical condition, it’s important to ensure that this doesn’t affect your safety or ability to drive.

Our experienced team of Driving Occupational Therapists have additional post-graduate qualifications to assess a person’s ability to drive. Our therapists will evaluate the safety of both the driver and their interaction with the broader community. At Verve OT, we believe that driving enables freedom and independence to access their local community to engage in tasks of daily living. Consequently, we want our clients to maintain that freedom, for as long as it is safe to do so; both for themselves and for other road users.

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Who should get an OT driving assessment?

There are a range of indicators for when an OT driving assessment may be required. Often it is not a one-off assessment, with the need for reassessment over the coming years to ensure ongoing safety and ability requirements. Some people who may require an OT driving assessment include:

  • People with physical, cognitive or other impairments that may impact their ability to drive.
  • Young people interested in learning to drive who have a disability that may impact road safety.
  • People recovering from injury or trauma involving road accidents, perhaps suffering anxiety as a result.
  • Elderly drivers who are advised by their local transport authority of requiring an OT driving assessment.
  • Anyone uncertain about their ability to continue safely driving.
What does an OT driving assessment consist of?

An OT driving assessment consists of two components. The off-road component involves assessment and interview with the therapist to assess physical and cognitive capacity. Screening of vision is also undertaken. The on-road component involves assessment in a vehicle with the therapist and a qualified driving instructor. The assessment will evaluate any medical or physical conditions that may impair ability to drive. The assessor will make recommendations on strategies to ensure safety with driving and / or potential modifications to improve driver performance and confidence. We know that driving enables independence and access to their local community. Consequently, we want our clients to maintain that for as long as it is safe to do so.

Following the assessment, we may make recommendations to support continued safe driving including:

  • Recommend potential modifications to the vehicle to improve driver performance and confidence.
  • Suggest strategies that may be followed to improve safe driving such as only driving in the daytime or a short distance from home.
  • Make recommendations for management and ongoing monitoring of a driver.
  • Arrange for driving lessons to improve driver learning and safety on the road.
What Does An Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment Cost?

The cost of an assessment can vary depending on the complexity of the client’s needs. Please contact us for a quotation.

What can I expect from an OT driving assessment?

“Following an OT driving assessment, our clients can feel confident and assured that their driving capacity has been appropriately assessed and given the tick of approval. Not every driver is able to continue driving, but those who do maintain their freedom and on-road safety.”
– Sarah Collison, Director Verve OT.

Our occupational therapy driver assessments will assess driving capacity, to enable safety, confidence and the independence that comes with driving.

Our NDIS Occupational Therapists service Sydney’s metropolitan and surrounding areas. To find out if we have a therapist available in your area, contact our team on 1300 770 165 to make an enquiry.

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