OT Functional Assessments

OT Functional Assessments

OT Functional Assessments can be utilised in a variety of scenarios to assist people with disability to access the supports they need. A comprehensive assessment involves an experienced OT evidencing the impact on function and necessary supports required as a result. Whether for a physical disability or mental health, an OT functional assessment can be used to guide the implementation of supports or ensure appropriate funding for the supports required. Our OT’s work in collaboration with other allied health professionals, family, caregivers and support staff to provide a holistic approach to increase capacity, safety and independence.

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When should an OT Functional Assessment be completed?

An OT Functional Assessment can be indicated across a wide range of circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • To evidence impact on function to enable access to the NDIS.
  • Preparation for annual plan review to ensure evidence of necessary supports.
  • When there is a change in circumstance that may necessitate a change in funded supports.
  • On initial access to the scheme to assist in guiding implementation of funding.
  • To facilitate funding for SIL, SDA or ILO supports.
What should an OT Functional Assessment include?

A comprehensive OT functional assessment is best undertaken in the home, day program, workplace or local community. This is to ensure thorough assessment of the client’s individual needs to identify their tasks of daily living, level and frequency of support requirements. Engagement and collaboration with other parties and completion of standardised assessment tools is also utilised to ensure a holistic approach to assessment and reporting. A good OT functional report is comprehensive yet succinct, evidencing impact on function, required supports and recommendations to build capacity.

What Are The Outcomes Of Occupational Therapy Functional Assessments?

There’s plenty of benefits to getting an assessment. These include:

  • Finding ways to improve safety and mobility for more independence, confidence and enjoyment of life.
  • Learning about products and services that may improve daily life.
  • Identifying opportunities for daily living skills training to improve engagement in daily functional tasks.
  • Gathering information about eligibility for support resources such as help with household tasks including meal preparation, cleaning and gardening.
How much does an OT Functional Assessment cost?

Costs can vary depending on the needs and complexity of the client. Our team can discuss your requirements and provide a quotation based on your needs and circumstances.

Increase Independence, Enjoy Daily Life and Live Well. An OT Functional Assessment can guide interventions, evidence support needs and establish client goals. 

Our NDIS Occupational Therapists service Sydney’s metropolitan and surrounding areas. To find out if we have a therapist available in your area, contact our team on 1300 770 165 to make an enquiry.

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