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Increase Independence, Enjoy Daily Life And Boost Confidence

Is someone you love finding daily function challenging?

Is it difficult to get around and get out in the community? 

Do you think there might be a better way to get support, but unsure what it is?

Independent Living In A Supportive, Purposeful Space

 To carry out an occupational therapy functional assessment we will visit the client’s living space to see how they perform everyday tasks, such as:


  • getting in and out of bed
  • getting dressed
  • showering, grooming and looking after personal hygiene
  • preparing meals
  • cleaning 
  • caring for others in the household 
  • getting around both at home and within the community 
  • driving 
  • using public transport 
  • self care, such as getting to doctor appointments

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    Who Does The OT Assessments?

    Assessments are conducted by our expert occupational therapists.

    We are specialists in rehabilitation, injury management and disability, and the Verve OT team has many years of experience in OT functionality assessments.


    A typical occupational therapy functional assessment lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours. Factors like the complexity and the capacity of the client may impact the duration.

     What Does The OT Assessment Cover?

    The Verve OT therapist will come to you and ask a series of questions to determine the best care options available.

    We visit the client’s home, assisted living home or hospital.

    Firstly, we have a chat to understand the client’s medical and social history. We find out what is challenging and difficult in everyday life.

    Our expert occupational therapist looks at elements such as health, sleep, routines and housework. If there’s a medical condition that impairs day-to-day living, we consider that impact too.

    We assess the skills of the client in a number of everyday functions such as hygiene, cooking, cleaning, dressing and many others. 



    What Are The Outcomes Of Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment?

    There’s plenty of benefits to getting an assessment. These include:

    • finding ways to improve mobility for more independence, confidence and enjoyment of life
    • learning about products and services that may improve daily life
    • training clients in skills that will improve functionality
    • using services such as transport and home help
    • gathering information about eligibility for support resources such as home help, cooking, driving and others
    • establishing goals around improving day-to-day living skills 

    Naturally, we produce a comprehensive report outlining our observations, and providing a variety of recommendations to improve independence and freedom. These may include elements such as: 

    • modificating the property to facilitate ease of use
    • eliminating potential safety or health hazards 
    • introducing new processes for better function
    • enlisting support services to he

    What Areas Do You Visit?

     Our team of OTs service Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District and surrounding metropolitan suburbs.

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