Aged Care Assessments

Occupational Therapy For Our Elderly Clients

At Verve OT, our elderly clients are our favourites.
We believe that senior citizens have earned their right to live as joyously and independently as possible.

We’re here to assess what you need to live as comfortably as possible.
That may be equipment, home modifications or someone to help with tasks.
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Who Are Age Care Assessments for?

Unfortunately, age often brings a myriad of problems like memory loss, mobility issues, vision and hearing loss. Our occupational therapists work with older patients with age-related problems to help them retain as much joy and independence in their everyday life as possible. 

An OT aged care assessment determines the every day needs of someone over the age of 65yrs. An assessment may be necessary if there are areas you are struggling with in your current living situation. 

Practically, this may mean you’re struggling to make it down your front steps because you’ve hurt your hip or can’t make a cuppa because your arm hurts.

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    What Is An Aged Care Assessment? 

    An occupational therapy aged care assessment helps our elderly clients and their carers work out what kind of support they need.

    We help find out what they are struggling with in their current living situation and what can be done about it.

    This assessment will help determine what help is needed to best care for our client.

    Occupational Therapists are health professionals that often play a key role in providing aged care services, both in residential facilities and homes, and assessments are vital in highlighting needs. 

    Occupational therapists look holistically at the help you may need to return to, or keep the level of independence you have to manage day-to-day tasks. 

    Occupational Therapists work with people over 65 years who have age-related conditions that reduce their ability to actively complete meaningful and purposeful activities.

    What Does An Aged Care Assessment Consider?

    The Verve OT therapist will come to you and ask a series of questions to determine the best care options available. 

    • How you are managing daily tasks like bathing, cooking and getting around
    • If you have any memory or psychological concerns that affect your daily life
    • If you have any issues about your personal safety at home like falling or tripping on uneven surfaces
    • If any equipment could help you around the house. For example, bath rails to help you shower
    • If you need any modification to your home. For example, a ramp or a rail up to help you get up stairs
    • If you want to learn more about age-specific illnesses and how to prepare for the future
    • If your carers need support to help you and what kind of support is needed
    • If you would like to go to community and leisure activities and how this can be organised.


    How We Carry Out Aged Care Assessments Services At Verve OT

    At Verve OT, we love working with our elderly clients.

    Our OTs are especially trained and registered to work with older patients to practically improve their every day lives.

    When we complete our assessments, we will talk to you about your needs, and work with you to develop your support plan.

    Family members and/or carers can also be included in the assessment process.

    Our Recommendation Plans

    As a result of the aged care assessment, the Occupational Therapist will complete a report which is required to access some services and funding. This assessment is an important tool to help you be linked to services and recommend adaptations to help you reach your goals.

    Some examples of what we have recommended;

    • Weekend Respite Care
    • Home modifications such as ramps and rails
    • Strategies to help you improve your social life
    • People to help around the house eg. gardening, cooking, bathing

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