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How to access online OT support

Do you still need OT support during lockdown? Verve OT now offers telehealth OT services. Our experienced, friendly and professional occupational therapists give consultations safely at home with online videoconferencing.

“People are isolated at home, so it’s important to make sure the home environment is safely set up for independence, mobility and enjoyment of daily life. Our videoconferencing OT services ensure clients get the help they need.”

Sarah Collison, Occupational Therapist and founder of Verve OT 

How are the telehealth OT sessions conducted?

We use videoconferencing technology like Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. In many ways, it’s just like a typical OT session.

We’ll talk about the client’s needs, challenges and mobility issues. Using a portable device like a phone, tablet or laptop, clients can show us the spaces in the home that need our evaluation and advice.


How does an online session compare to a face-to-face session?

We’re still addressing our clients’ needs and identifying issues.

Technology is very impressive these days, so we can hear, discuss and see what we need to. Of course, nothing beats a face-to-face visit. But during social isolation, it’s impossible. So, online telehealth occupational therapy sessions are the next best thing. For some types of sessions it won’t work, but most of the time, we find it most effective.

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    How to prepare for an online OT consultation

    To prepare for your online session:

    • Ensure you have the technology: Zoom, Skype or FaceTime (we can help with this)
    • Find a quiet space
    • Make sure your audio is working so we can hear you
    • Switch off noise distractions like the dishwasher or TV in the background
    • Find a place with decent, natural lighting to help us see your face
    • Don’t wear patterned shirts as they can distort, making it difficult for us to see you

    How your online session works

    Prior to the session, we’ll ensure your technology is set up so you’re ready to go beforehand.

    Then we will conduct the consultation, which could be an aged care assessment, adult assessmentfunctional OT assessment or SDA or SIL assessment.

    Your OT therapist will be located at home and will make sure their space is quiet and private, so you won’t be overheard. Afterwards, you’ll get a detailed report with our findings and recommendations.

    Are Skype or Zoom OT sessions private?

    We use strict privacy settings like passwords and encryption to keep our sessions secure. We collect your data only to arrange the appointment and don’t use or share your private contact information.

    We don’t record the sessions.

    What are the fees for telehealth OT consultations?

    Fees are charged at our typical hourly rates. There can be savings due to the lack of travel time incurred for our occupational therapists. Contact us for a full breakdown of our online OT health consultation fees.

    Easy to get started

    All you need is a videoconferencing tool on your tablet, laptop or smartphone. Highly qualified occupational therapists working with a variety of clients.

    Safe at home

    Get expert occupational therapy advice while safely maintaining social distancing.

    Private and secure

    Your OT sessions are not recorded and your privacy and confidentiality is maintained.

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