Meet Our Occupational Therapists

Paula Parris

Occupational Therapist

Paula has provided Occupational Therapy services for adults for over 25 years in a range of settings from the acute hospital environment to inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and in the community. She is passionate about delivering high-quality, holistic OT services which are driven by the unique needs of each client and forged through the development of a strong rapport. The development of a warm and non-judgemental therapy space, underpinned by attuned connection and kindness is key to her overall approach. Paula aims to foster the empowerment of clients to address their unique therapy needs at a pace comfortable for them, working towards their hopes and goals in a collaborative way. Her greatest wish is to see people flourish and live their best life.

Paula has worked with people with diverse health conditions including acquired brain injury, stroke, neurodegenerative conditions such as motor neurone disease, mental health, aged care, cancer care and palliative care. She has worked with people with intellectual impairment, dementia, drug and alcohol dependence, respiratory disease, kidney disease/dialysis patients and in general medical and surgery wards. She has a particular interest in working with people with cognitive impairment and those with psychosocial disability. Additionally, Paula holds a special place in her heart for her aged care clients.

A strong love of learning and problem-solving drives Paula to constantly reflect upon the best approach to assist clients and navigate complex situations, and to engage in ongoing professional development. Paula is collaborative and a team-player in interactions with clients, their loved ones, carers/support workers and the wider multidisciplinary team.

Paula has a deep love for animals, and her day is enhanced when she encounters clients’ special furry family members during visits to the home.

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