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Fine Motor Assessment – The Basics

Webinar Length:
1 hour

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Assessing a client with fine motor difficulties can be overwhelming, with multiple aspects to consider and observe all at once! This tends to leave us feeling lost in our findings and therefore, within our intervention approach, struggling to know where to begin and what to prioritise.  This webinar is aimed at helping therapists gain a basic understanding regarding the many aspects to consider, during a fine motor assessment; from a non standardised and standardised assessment perspective, then utilise this information to create client centred, functional goals.

This webinar does not cover intervention approaches for different fine motor barriers, but will help the clinician gain increased confidence with their assessment, which in turn will help with selecting the appropriate intervention approach, individual to each client’s needs and goals.


Learning Objectives:
  • To gain a basic understanding regarding the different aspects to consider and improve confidence during fine motor assessments
  • To gain a basic understanding regarding the identification of barriers and limitations sought from the assessment, to create client centred, functional goals
  • To reduce overwhelm when applying findings from your assessment, to select the appropriate intervention approach and gain positive outcomes for the client, in relation to function


About the Presenter: Hannah Spencer has worked within the field of Occupational therapy for 10 years.  Hannah has a background in Psychology, prior to training as an Occupational Therapist. She has worked within a number of clinical sectors including: neurology, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, surgery, workplace injury and paediatrics. Hannah has held a number of roles within the NDIS space from higher management to clinical supervisor. She has also lectured at university and has a passion for clinical education, reflective practise and empowering therapists to find their passion.


The Certificate of Completion for this webinar, which you can use for CPD hours, will be emailed to you at the end of the month.

On purchasing this on demand session, a link to the recording will be made available along with any webinar resources which will be valid for one month.

Please note that the price to purchase access to this recording is for one person only.  If you wish for multiple people to access the recording, please purchase access for each person. 

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