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Introduction to Decision Making

Webinar Length:
2 hours

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Have you ever had a client where you were concerned about their ability to make decisions? Like everyone, people with disabilities can benefit from support when making decisions. But how can we as OT’s assist to identify when a client may require this assistance? This webinar is designed for OTs who are interested in learning more about Decision Making Capacity in clients with disabilities. It will provide a general introduction to Decision Making Capacity, considering the domains of capacity, how to identify and outline the signs that may indicate when someone is experiencing difficulty, and identify solutions as to how to address this. The webinar will also discuss the legal implications of Capacity. This webinar is a great introduction into Decision Making Capacity. For OT’s seeking further guidance in the OT role in assessment of capacity, Webinar 2 – How to Competently Assess for Decision Making Capacity in Clients with Disabilities may be of interest.

Note – The laws governing Decision Making Capacity are governed by state-based departments. The presenter is based in NSW and works under NSW Capacity Guidelines, however the webinar will cover guidelines from other states/territories in Australia for reference.

About the Presenter: Nikki Cousins is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about ongoing education for OTs that can be applied to everyday practice. There is a common misconception that Decision-Making Capacity assessments can only be performed by Neuropsychologists or specialist doctors (such as a Geriatrician, Psychiatrist or Neurologist) however this is not the case. OTs are uniquely placed to be able to assess for capacity to make decisions, and are legally able to do so. Nikki was trained over 10 years ago by a neuropsychologist as a master trainer in capacity assessment, and has trained many OTs in this area. She completes capacity assessments in her current role for NDIS Participants as an Occupational Therapist and has completed reports to support applications for Guardianship to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


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