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The Language of Healing: Navigating Oncology Terminology

Webinar Length:
1.5 hours

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As Occupational Therapists, we are increasingly working with people who have cancer as their primary diagnosis or in addition to other disabilities. Working in this space can seem overwhelming as the terminology and treatments is complex and cancer care is shifting from a palliative model to a chronic disease model in many cases as treatments evolve. By understanding the basics of Oncology terminology, treatments and side effects we can understand how cancer may influence our Occupational Therapy assessment and interventions to get the best outcomes for our clients. Whether you are new to working with people with cancer or would like to improve your understanding of the terminology.

Learning objectives

  1. Define key oncology terminology: Participants will be able to define and explain fundamental oncology terms such as tumour, metastasis, benign, malignant, and remission.
  2. Differentiate between common cancer types: Participants will be able to differentiate between various types of cancer, including carcinoma, sarcoma, lymphoma, and leukemia, and understand their characteristics.
  3. Understand the stages of cancer: Participants will gain knowledge of the stages of cancer, including stage 0 (in situ) to stage IV (metastatic), and comprehend their significance in cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Identify common cancer treatments: Participants will be able to identify and describe common cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy, and understand their purposes and side effects.
  5. Confidence in communication:  Participants will build confidence in communication skills to discuss cancer-related topics with patients and their families sensitively and comprehensibly.
  6. Participants will have an increased understanding of how cancer, it’s treatment and side effects can influence Occupational Therapy assessments, interventions and processes.

About the Presenter:    Cheryl Banks is an Occupational Therapist with over 21 years clinical experience in Australia and Ireland. Cheryl has experience in rehabilitation, acute hospital care, residential aged care and community care, working in the public and private sector in senior and Oncology specific roles. Cheryl has a passion for working in Oncology and has focussed on this clinical area for over 18 years. She has a special interest in pressure injury management, has presented on this topic at conferences and been the allied health representative on Wounds Australia National Committee. Cheryl has a passion for holistic care, incorporating breath regulation and mindfulness into work with shortness of breath and anxiety management.

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