Verve OT Training for NDIS OTs

Working With People Who Hoard, An OT Perspective

Webinar Length:
1.5 hours

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Hoarding behaviours present unique challenges for both individuals affected by it and the health professionals who support them. Occupational therapists play a crucial role in addressing the functional impairments associated with hoarding behaviors and helping individuals regain control over their living spaces and lives. This workshop aims to equip occupational therapists with comprehensive knowledge and practical strategies to effectively work with people experiencing hoarding difficulties.

By attending this workshop, occupational therapists will gain a deeper understanding of hoarding difficulties and learn evidence-based strategies to support individuals in achieving improved occupational functioning and quality of life. Through collaborative efforts and compassionate care, therapists can empower individuals to overcome the challenges associated with hoarding and reclaim control over their environments and lives.

This workshop will:

1. Explore the prevalence, significance and functional impact of hoarding and acquiring behaviour broadly and from an OT perspective.
2. Review therapeutic strategies tailored to the needs of people who hoard, and summarise underpinning evidence.
3. Consideration of assessment approaches and tools will also be discussed during the workshop.

About the Presenter:  Muriel Cummins is an Occupational Therapist and holds a Master of Public Health. She graduated in Dublin 2001 and has worked in mental health and disability in Australia since 2005. Muriel is a strong advocate for the development of the role of OT within the NDIS space, and is a current member of the OTA NDIS Taskforce; OTA MH National Reference group; and the ICF Australia Interest Group, a multidisciplinary and academic group exploring the use of the ICF in the NDIS context. She currently works in private practice; and provides training and supervision to mental health OT’s. She is co-founder of allied health advocacy group ‘Allied’. Muriel’s previous roles span the clinical, not-for-profit, peak body and private practice sectors.


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